Bring Us Your Toughest E-Commerce Challenges

Don’t let inadequate search engine rankings, shopping cart abandonment, slow growth or technical issues hold your e-commerce profits back any longer.

At Strategenic, we firmly believe that the most successful e-commerce operations view setbacks as opportunities to become stronger. We specialize in comprehensive e-commerce solutions that put your website on the fast track to maximum growth and profit. Whether you are an e-commerce newcomer or an industry veteran, we will work together to take your business to the next level and beyond by quickly identifying and acting on the issues and opportunities that stand to make the greatest impact on your bottom line.

Our staff has been providing expert e-commerce solutions for over 17 years, helping hundreds of small business owners, Inc 500 and Fortune 500 clients, government entities and public organizations overcome their toughest e-commerce obstacles.

In business, challenges are inevitable. Strategenic will help you translate these adversities into promising possibilities. Think of us as your own e-commerce strategy and solutions department.

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  • Low visibility
  • Feel like your site isn’t getting the attention that it deserves?
  • Inadequate search engine rankings
  • Can’t quite get your site to the top of the list?
  • Experiencing low conversion rates
  • Having problems turning visitors into loyal customers?
  • Limited or no growth
  • Do you feel like you’re running in place?
  • Just getting started
  • Not sure how to develop the best course of action?
  • Technical constraints
  • Is your current platform insufficient and you’re in need of new coding?
Our Services
Our e-commerce solution provides detailed control over search engine optimization (SEO), easy datafeeds to major e-commerce marketplaces and shopping comparison sites, social site integration and much more.
We’ll work with you to make sure that your e-commerce solution uses all of the latest SEO strategies that ensure top natural/organic search engine rankings.
The look and feel of your e-commerce website makes a big impact on conversions. Think of your design as visual credibility. Constant commerce makes it easy for you to adjust the design with theme and master pages support.
Constant Commerce, our e-commerce platform, provides deep integration with Google Analytics, data services and built-in metrics to help you focus on areas that need attention.
We’ll assign seasoned experts that will help you realize your business goals quicker than you thought possible. Transitioning from another e-commerce solution has never been easier.
Constant Commerce utilizes the latest techonlogies and standards to ensure the solution lives up to modern expectations, lasts longer and does more for your business.
Our Services